Jean-Baptiste Courtier, a photographer originally from a small town in the north of France, who is now living and working between London & Paris.

Well known for his project ‘Natation Synchronisee’, a photo story depicting scenes of what we initially understand as synchronized swimmers in unexpected serene landscapes, Jean-Baptiste has since continued to create fantasy that sits between the imaginary and real world.

Taking influence from the world of film and music, Jean-Baptiste brings elements of each art form into his poetic & rhythmic series. He populates each image with objects or acts which disrupt the normal order, transforming what we first see as an everyday scenario in to something more seductive.

After moving from the modeling industry to photography, Jean-Baptiste has since exhibited in a number of galleries worldwide, leading to him being voted amongst the top five photographers in France this year.

Clients to date include… BBC, Eurostar, Nike, SFR and Smart.

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Jean-Baptiste Courtier