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Jonė Reed is a Lithuanian photographer living in London.

Starting her journey as a self taught artist, Jonė has continued to create work over the past fifteen years establishing an impressive and evocative archive built upon ideas of reflection, intimacy, mystery and play.

Originally finding her way to photography through a personal desire for self expression, Jonė accepted an unconditional offer to hone her skills at the University of West London. Having been surrounded by art in diverse ways growing up, Jonė spent a good amount of time behind the scenes in theatres. This early influence of ‘the world as a stage’ is evident throughout her spectacular and often cinematic work where she excels in blurring the lines between surrealism and her own personal reality.

With the camera as her tool, Jonė approaches each image with its own story to tell, weaving symbolic moments throughout each frame. Beyond the expression of mood, the viewer is taken through a journey of obscurity and visual masquerade. A feeling of timelessness that comes through the work is often expressed through a minimal palette, whether it be black and white, or by a selective use of colour.

Throughout the years, Jonė has developed two predominant and personal bodies of work reflecting on her life. The first, a series of self-portraits created by looking to herself as a vessel to express her ideas and visions. The second, an on-going series of portraits of her growing family. Jonė has previously described her work as ‘feelings’ and throughout both series, she and her family take on guises, embodying emotions of each moment through time.

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