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In the Temptations, “Cats Lose Their Cool” image, we are creating a photographic portrait of our hero cat and its owners. It will be a visually striking image that delivers a laugh out loud moment as we observe the reaction of our hero cat to Temptations.

The performance and expressions of the cast will counteract the expression of the cat.

Whilst playing off a 70’s vibe, the image can be shot so that we control how far we push this style. It should feel retro and modern at the same. It is cheesy, but delivered with a sophistication where you do a double take at the scene and discover the cat’s expression, making the image more engaging.



The main objective of the lighting is to draw the attention to the cat. It is clean and defined to bring out all the details in the action. Everything is crystal clear and clean, the lighting and use of shadows will define the edges of everything and create its vibrant style.“Christmassy” lighting in the background will set the scene, whilst not interrupting the front light which is on the cat and characters. It is important that the characters’ expressions are clearly visible so that the humour of the moment is fully delivered.

The backgrounds are secondary but work as a canvas to set the scene. This is a real set up, not something that has been shot separately and put together in photoshop. 

The use of wider lenses may work to make the cat and characters feel slightly heroic and give perspective to the foreground scene.

The overall outtake from the image is that we are witnessing a Christmas moment.



From TVC.

It’s good to consider that a range of expressions might be worth trying alongside the wholesome Christmas happiness.



From TVC.

We will shoot against a simple Christmas background so that the cat and characters are the main focus.



From TVC.

Maybe it’s worth having a dummy cat body which our couple can hold. This would give us more control as we could concentrate totally on the cat’s facial expression and capture elements from different frames for eyes, tongue etc.


Working alongside TVC.

It is important that the stills unit is completely self sufficient so that we can adapt to any situations that may arise during the shoot day through scheduling. I would propose that we have our own lights so we can have preparation time while the TVC is shooting with the cast members and then we can just swap them into our mini set up accordingly. Being mobile and able to adapt will help us get the most out of the shoot day.


Thanks for your interest in working with me on this campaign, I think it will be a great, humorous image which will bring a gentle smile to the viewer’s face as we observe the cat experiencing its Temptations moment. 


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